Secure your physical access.

Simple. No stored data. No network needed.
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01. Concept

Offline minibox.

Akidaia has created an offline identification system, an innovation that secures and harmonizes all access systems, even in isolated or temporary locations.
A new technology for access control.
100% made in France and environmentally responsible introducing new applications in the field of corporate access security.

Protect your industrial sites

Protect your offices

Protect your isolated places

Protect your temporary sites

02. Technology

Offline identification defy.

Patented technology, that enhances security and allows for easy and rapid installation on all types of opening systems.
Access control anywhere, without connection, without stored data, 100% GDPR compliant.

1. Hardware

A black box plug’n’play into any electrified opening system in 5 minutes.

2. Backoffice

Distribute & Manage access rights using just a mobile phone number.

3. Smartphone

An encrypted digital key to unlock doors, gates, barriers, turnstiles, even in isolated locations.

Installation < 10 minutes.

Reduced costs.

Simplified access management.

Enhanced security.

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03. About

A useful innovation.

After observing the lack of significant evolution in the access control industry for over 30 years, Akidaia was founded by entrepreneurs and engineers expert in digital transformation and security. Akidaia’s ambition is to bring smart technologies that address the security and return on investment needs of all businesses.
A unique technology for businesses and authorities with an identifiable ROI.

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