Offline minibox
to shield
your access.

Offline identification to stop big investments, stop complicated installations, stop losing time and stop security breaches.

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01. Concept

Digital & Offline security minibox.

Akidaia is a complete solution to manage and control access to secured areas.
Fast. Easy. 100% offline. 100% made in France.

With a smartphone. Open all access. Gates. Barriers. Doors.
Instantly. Everywhere.


A black box, to plug on any electrified opening system in only 5 minutes.


Distribute & Manage access rights using a mobile phone number.


Encrypted digital keys to open gate, door, barrier, even on isolated sites.

'The tests carried out allowed us to confirm the quality of the solution and the seriousness of Akidaia'

Franck BOCQUET COO at Team Henri Fabre

02. Technology

Offline identification defy

Technology being protected, to increase security & to equip easily and very fast all kinds of opening systems. Without connectivity. Everywhere. GDPR Compliant.


Save time when you open access and administer it.

Save hours of human and material management costs.


Manage digital keys with just a phone number.

Install the security Minibox in just a few minutes

100% offline.

Plug the Minibox directly into any opening system.

Open all doors and gates in all circumstances.

No need for a connection, neither for the Minibox, nor for your smartphone.

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03. About

Useful identification technologies for companies

Akidaia was created by entrepreneurs in digital transformation and engineers who noticed that in the last 30 years nothing has changed in access control industry.

Akidaia’s ambition is to bring today technologies smartly used to meet the security and ROI needs of all companies.

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